About the Taormina Group

The Taormina Group was founded in 1991. Over the years our associates have included eminent experts in quality management, statistics, organizational excellence, supply chain management and training. We have provided consulting and training services for organizations from startups to Fortune 50 companies. We have partnered with eminent training organizations including Productivity, Inc, American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC), The University of Houston Center for Advanced Management Practices and The Nevada System of Higher Education.

Events dictate the experts that are included in our implementation teams. Our foundation is actively listening to the needs of clients, providing enlightened assessments and crafting events and programs that will elevate enlightened leadership to their greatest desired potential.
Tom Taormina is the principal of The Taormina Group. He is directly accountable to our clients for providing solutions that create cultures of business excellence, outstanding leadership, and risk avoidance. Project Managers are selected based on the core competencies needed for each assignment.

Taormina Group Timeline


With a perspective cultivated from having worked with more than 700 companies, Tom Taormina brings a unique talent for precision problem diagnosis, strategic thinking, and effective written and verbal communications skills to his work as a quality consultant, trainer, and liability avoidance expert.

Tom was a member of the team at Mission Control in Houston during the Apollo 13 disaster and recovery. His experiences during his 14 years at NASA formed the foundation for his ability to rapidly analyze problems and diagnose solutions.

Tom was part of the early evolution of Quality Control Engineering at NASA. Beyond writing standards for process excellence, he also pioneered early breakthroughs in supply chain management. This skill set makes him an effective business consultant and insightful expert witness in products liability and organizational negligence.

As a business consultant, Tom conducts strategic business assessments, root cause analyses, process planning, quality management and risk assessments for companies from startup to global brand leaders.

As a consulting and testifying expert in products liability and organizational negligence, he conducts formal assessments of the defendant companies to determine if they exhibited an appropriate or negligent standard of care in introducing their products or services to the stream of commerce. Tom’s proprietary methodology has been trademarked Forensic Business Pathology® and has been an accepted credential by trial attorneys and judges.

Tom has written 12 books on the beneficial use of ISO 9001 and on risk avoidance.

Industry Experience

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