Introduction to The QM Certification Program

The Quality Master (QM) Certification program described herein is designed to provide a new value-add career opportunity for trained quality professionals. The certification courses recast quality management to business management and provides a path for quality professionals to become champions of business process excellence and risk avoidance. This program is sponsored by Quality Digest, The Kaizen Institute, Conducted by Kaizen Online, and as a Certified Training Provider to Exemplar Global.

Over the decades, management of quality systems has evolved from rudimentary inspection for defects to sophisticated quality management systems. Unfortunately, each iteration has been an evolution of quality process control, quality tools and quality metrics. Almost none of these systems addresses the entire enterprise as a living organism of interactive processes. Even fewer integrate quality metrics into the key performance indicators important to senior management.

The Quality Master Certification Program is a five-tiered learning and accreditation process for quality professionals to build on their existing certifications and experience to elevate their knowledge and value by becoming enterprise-wide champions of business process excellence and risk avoidance. It subsumes all other credentialing programs to highlight your certifications as tools to be used in implementing MQE.

For auditors and consultants, this added knowledge and experiential information will elevate your value to your client base. Some may find additional career paths as experts in products liability and organizational negligence.

The program utilizes ISO 9001:2015 as a baseline for evolving Quality Management Systems into Business Management Systems. This is a radical new approach to elevating the quality profession to become a value-added vocation that is destined to spawn the next generation in the evolution of quality systems.

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