The Closing Argument

In consulting, training and as an expert witness, opinions of the purveyor greatly determine the effectiveness of the content. These opinions are typically based on experiences and lessons faced over time by the individual.

Tom Taormina has been blessed to have a rich background, working with more than 700 companies over a span of 50+ years. With that extensive experience base, in scores of industries, and from a perspective of implementer, auditor, trainer, and author, he has proven that his opinions are well seasoned and based on robust data. To wit, in 2012, he was commissioned by Lawyers and Judges Publishing to write a seminal work entitled “Foreseeable Risk.”

His observations and opinions as a Quality Master, however, contain one pivotal tool that allows him to go beyond opining, to presenting incontrovertible arguments for how quality management must be implemented to ensure business process excellence and risk avoidance.

For several years, Tom chaired the Quality Management Systems Committee for the American Society for Quality (ASQ). The charter of the Committee was to provide a cogent and practical definition of Quality Management. In the end, he authored three anthologies of the seminal work of the Committee. These became invaluable in clarifying the purpose and construct of quality management and contributed to the body of knowledge used today in quality management.

In creating the QM program, and in his work as an eminent expert witness, the content of his offerings goes far beyond opinions and limited experiences. They are a major voice in defining the duty and standards of care organizations must exhibit to avoid defects reaching their customers.

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